• Methods and apparatus for verifying employment via online data

    United States Patent 8,533,110 · Issued September 10, 2013

    A computer-implemented method for verifying employment of a first user with a computer system programmed to perform the method includes receiving a first name for a user-represented employer via a user-application, receiving a first plurality of social network data associated with the first user from a first social network server, wherein the first plurality of social network data includes a second name associated with an user-represented employer via a user-profile on the first social network, determining a relationship between the employer associated with the first name and the employer associated with the second name, in response to the first name and to the second name, determining an employment verification indicator in response to the relationship between the employer associated with the first name to the employer associated to the second name and outputting with the computer system, the employment verification indicator.

  • Billing and payment methods and systems enabling consumer premises equipment

    United States Patent 7,890,436 · Issued February 15, 2011

    The present invention teaches a variety of systems and methods enabling renewable energy consumer premises equipment (CPE) such as dual metering techniques. The present invention contemplates, among other things, supporting, by increasing a likelihood of meeting financing obligations, a consumer purchasing, leasing, installing and/or maintaining renewable energy CPE for power generation at a consumer premises. The renewable energy CPE may be attached to a structure on the consumer premises, disposed free standing on the consumer premises, or utilized through any other suitable means on the consumer premises.

  • Methods, systems and agreements for increasing the likelihood of repayments under a financing agreement for renewable energy equipment

    United States Patent 7,698,219 · Issued April 13, 2010

    A business method is disclosed of increasing the probability of timely receiving payment for financing renewable energy consumer premises equipment (CPE) by a consumer for power generation at a consumer premises, the renewable energy CPE adapted to deliver power onto a power grid. The method comprises creating an agreement between a consumer and an entity financing renewable energy CPE, wherein creating the agreement includes creating a provision that allows the entity to control power at the consumer premises if a default of the agreement by the consumer occurs.

  • Integrated request-response system and method generating responses to request objects formatted according to various communication protocols

    United States Patent 5,706,434 · Issued January 6, 1998

    A method and apparatus is provided to accomplish creation and serving of data objects among various communication protocols. The method and apparatus can be used in such applications as an on-line classified advertising system on the Internet involving the World Wide Web and electronic mail. In the apparatus, a request decoder receives an incoming request, decodes the request using configurations from a configuration database in order to identify which protocol was used to transmit the request, and generates from the request a corresponding abstract data object. A data processor merges data from a main database with the abstract data object. An object formatter formats the abstract data object including the merged data. An object deliverer formats the object for outgoing transmission according to a protocol of an intended recipient. The functions of object deliverer may be performed by the object formatter.