Gary Kremen has over twenty-five years experience with emerging growth companies and developing information technology. The following are the companies he founded.

  • Sociogramics

    Gary is an investor, founder and CEO of Sociogramics, which is his latest endeavor that seeks to create new innovations in the lending space.

  • Clean Power Finance

    Prior, Gary founded Clean Power Finance a specialty consumer finance company that is making the purchase of residential solar power simple and affordable.

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  • Grant Media Management

    Kremen was President and CEO of Grant Media Mangement, the managing member of Grant Media, LLC. Grant Media, LLC was a highly profitable internet traffic distributor owning numerous websites, including GalaxySearch.Com. Grant Media LLC was sold to its employees in 2006.

  • Sex.com

    Gary first registered the domain name sex.com in 1994. In 1996 Stephen M. Cohen, contacted Network Solutions and fraudulently had the domain transferred to his name. Gary was a successful plaintiff in Kremen vs. Cohen, Network Solutions, et. el. In the lawsuit, he was awarded a $65 million verdict that was appealed by Cohen all the way to the US Supreme Court.

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  • NetAngels.com

    Gary was President of NetAngels.Com, Inc., a 40 person company (with 20 contractors in Krakow, Poland) solely focused on Internet profiling and personalization. It has backers including Esther Dyson, Nick Nicholas, Ron Posner and Martin Schoffstal. As co-founder of NetAngels.Com, he hired the management team, focused the product vision, and created the distribution strategy. The company merged with Firefly Network, Inc. (Agents, Inc.) in late 1996, the company’s largest competitor, which was later merged with Microsoft.

  • Match.com

    From 1993 through March 1996, Gary founded and was Chairman of the Board of Electric Classifieds, Inc. / Match.Com, the leading on-line classifieds advertising technology outsourcing company and perhaps one of the most widely accessed ‘communities’ on the Internet. Gary founded the firm after identifying opportunities for on-line personals service, now branded Match.Com. He wrote the company business plan, then raised $1.3 million from venture capitalists and private investors, and later assisted in raising $7.5 million from leading corporate partners, such as Softbank, The Well and Intel, and venture capitalists, such as Canaan Venture Partners, Weiss Peck & Greer and Charter Venture Capital. Match.Com was eventually sold to Ticketmaster / Citysearch for $50 million.

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  • Los Altos Technology

    Gary was principal founder of Los Altos Technologies, Inc. (LAT), a leader in UNIX security. At LAT, Gary was responsible for marketing, business development, and finance. The company created the first anti-virus product for UNIX as well as a only government approved data deletion product for classified data.

  • Full Source Software

    Gary was principal founder with Ben Dubin (now of Asset Management) of Full Source Software, the world first open software company. The Company downloaded source code from USENET from 1991 – 1993 and resold it to corporate users on 1/4 inch cartridge tapes for corporate and other users primarly for Sun, IBM and HP systems.